Monday, August 25, 2008

On Being Evicted.

So I got evicted today.

Kinda sucks.

So, fear not, I have until Oct 1. to find a new residence. It's not like my things are on the lawn and I'm sleeping in the car.

It's not really my problem, (except I have to find a new place to live) it just seems I got caught in the middle of a feud between two angry lesbians and my heretofore cool landlord.

The story goes: I'll give the bridged version: The other two roommates never got along with my heretofore cool landlord. Recently there have been some plumbing issues in the bathroom. Drains needing to be snaked, toilet water cascading into the basement, mystery water bubbling up around the base of the sink (wholly unrelated to the toilet incident since, given the uneveness of the floor the sink is actually substantially uphill of the toilet.) For all intents and purposes all of the plumbing in the bathroom decided to shit the bed within the span of about three weeks. Instead of, perhaps figuring out what the problems what the problems were and dealing with them (ie, trying several home or over the counter remedies for clogged pipes(which I did); finding the source of the sink mystery water(which I also did)) and then doing something about it(which I had Brett, the heretofore cool landlord's boyfriend/rental unit caretaker, do.) the irrational angry lesbians basically went straight for threatening a lawsuit. Emails were sent. Hilarity ensued. As the dust settles, it turns out I have 30 days to arrange a new living situation. I'm taking this all in stride. I sort of wanted away from the lesbians, as they always seemed to be ill, rarely leave the house, and generally suck the energy out of every carbon based life form they encounter. I've also, for a variety of reasons, been considering calling it quits on Minneapolis and seeing what some other part of the country holds for me. Maybe Colorado.

This might just be the Universe trying to tell me something.

And in defense of the heretofore cool landlord. She is actually still cool. She told me, apologizing the whole way. She acknoweldges that none of this is of my making, and I'm a great renter, but she can't go ahead and start the whole eviction process on 2/3rds of a rental unit, and she'll happily provide a glowing recommendation in the future. I'm relly only angry with the roommates for handling the situation like children with lawyers.

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