Friday, May 30, 2008

A User's Manual to Road Show Language

Country Livin': Sittn' in an RV with the screen door. Generally involves beer.

Gong Show: A situation so ridiculous that you wish someone could bang on a gong and make it stop.

The Rig: The RV, with salmon attatched.

Celebrating Gold Rush Heritage: Spending time in the "Old" part of town. Originated: Old Sac (Sacramento) Other uses: Old Sag (Saginaw), Old Harry (Old Harrisburg) Generally involves beer.

Rig Food: Anything that can be prepared in an RV. Usually originates in part or in whole from a can. Generally involves beer.

Jeri: The bite in the ass girl hanging out with the attractive and interesting girl. Originated: Reno.

Super Fan: Suburban Dad with mustache and a belly that reflects the amount of beer and polish saahsage he's consumed over the years. Orginated: Chicago.


Nora said...

Jeri, like "Strangers With Candy?' Awesome. Also, I'm sorry you spent anytime in 'Old Sac' and that that part of town usually smells like somebody's old sac.

Bill said...

We didn't actually go to Old Sac on this trip, but I've been there before. And you're right on about the aroma.